It’s rare to find an apartment building in Athens without a balcony.  Even if it’s just a narrow ledge for plants.  A railing to hang laundry.  (Hardly any Athenians own dryers).  A place for a TV dish.  They show a lot about life.

14595652_10154743861099214_9027520803943183357_nHere you can see balconies with soul… and those that are sterile (well, nothing in Athens is quite sterile).

15027399_10154807260989214_2715521352683131934_nThese back balconies are made for utility.  No plants or chairs. Mix of older and new awnings. Mostly to handle laundry.  Storage.  Summer ventalition.  A place to put air conditioners.  Windows open or shuttered.


14707036_10154743855404214_4652183080261628081_oFront balconies on the same types of buildings can tell a much different story.  Living spaces.  Especially in a climate where winter is only about 6 weeks long and the sun shines 300 days a year.  Plants, furniture, lights, awnings…

Enjoying life on my balcony.  Awning pulled back on a sunny March day.  Bowls of bread dough rising in the sun.  And an informal summer evening.



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