There is no translation into English for the word kefi.  It’s even hard to define what it is into words.  It’s all about state of mind, body and emotions. Mostly associated with joy, but it can also be perserviring thru sad times.

In short, it’s the connection one has to life.  Having your emotions show thru to the life around you, and that life that surrounds you, enters into your life.

I’m sure some Greek friends may not totally agree, or would add more.

Even though there is not English translation, it doesn’t mean only Greeks feel kefi.  You’ve felt it when you hold your baby.  When the sun hits your face on a cold winter’s day.  When you share a meal with family or friends.  Or when you stand on the mountain top and feel the wind in your face.

Here in Athens, and in Greece in general, it’s really easy to feel it.  Because life is so very real all around you.  Not always pretty.  Not always clean.  But always…. life.

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